How Card Personal Loan Works

Did you know that whoever owns an Itaucard has the benefit of being able to acquire personal credit directly from the card? If you are looking for a personal loan and are the holder of credit card, it pays to know about the fees, the advantages and whether it is worth requesting the loan. How

How to finance a property?

Buying a property is not an easy task, it requires a lot of attention, a lot of bureaucracy and the cost is high. Since most people do not have the full amount available to pay cash, the most commonly used method is real estate financing. The stability registered in the Brazilian economy in the last decades,

I delayed the loan portion, now what?

When we take out a loan, usually the main reason is a debt already acquired that needs to be repaid as soon as possible. But if we fail to repay the loan installments later, that snowball can end up bringing even greater headaches.  Ideally, from the beginning, it is planning and checking if the installments