How Card Personal Loan Works

Did you know that whoever owns an Itaucard has the benefit of being able to acquire personal credit directly from the card?

If you are looking for a personal loan and are the holder of credit card, it pays to know about the fees, the advantages and whether it is worth requesting the loan.

How does personal loan work?

 How does the Itaú personal loan work?

It is important to keep in mind that even for the cardholder, approval of the loan is not guaranteed. All clients undergo a credit analysis in order to know if they can afford the loan installments.

The amount of personal credit can be from $ 80 to $ 20 thousand and the payment can be up to 24x. An important detail: Personal credit does not compromise the credit card limit.

The loan application can be done in three ways:

  • ATM Itaú – Go to any Itaú ATM that is qualified for loans, insert your card and select “Personal Credit”. Choose if you just want to simulate or if you want to request and follow the step by step until the operation is completed.
  • Itaú Call Center – You can request the loan by phone. Call the following numbers, depending on your region: 3003 3030 (capitals and metropolitan areas) or 0800 720 3030 (other locations).
  • Itaú Site – If you, in addition to the credit card, have a checking account at Itaú, log in to the website with your agency number and Itaú account, go to the “cards” area and go into personal credit. Follow the step by step. But if you only have Itaucard, go to the website with the number of your card, go to “more services” and click on the credit part.

Rates and conditions of a personal loan

Before applying for your Itaú personal loan, check out the interest rates. It is very important to be aware of the amount you will have to pay for your credit. That way, you’ll be able to get organized and make sure you can schedule and repay the loan.

Before applying for any personal credit, be sure to check Total Cost Effective (CET). That is, the amount with all the charges of your credit. IQ 360 has made a special summary for you about CET here .

In the case of the CET of the personal loan for those who own the Itaú card, the value varies between 2.19% per month (am) and 9.35% am It will depend on the financing conditions and your credit analysis.

It is common for personal credit to have higher rates because the bank has no guarantee of payment of the amount borrowed. Therefore, we advise you to analyze the availability of a secured loan or a payroll deductible loan.

Is it worth getting a personal loan?

 Is it worth getting a Itaú personal loan?

The Itaú personal loan has attractive rates, with better values ​​than the overdraft and competes with the values ​​of other banks with similar credits. In addition, the Itaú personal loan does not have a very high limit. Therefore, it is indicated for those who need a maximum of R $ 20 thousand.

But remembering that only who owns Itaucard can apply for this personal credit. Even so, every applicant is subject to a credit analysis.

If you fit the prerequisites of this personal loan, it pays to make a simulation to check your approval conditions. However, it is advisable to search other financial institutions to find lower interest rates for your profile.