I delayed the loan portion, now what?

When we take out a loan, usually the main reason is a debt already acquired that needs to be repaid as soon as possible. But if we fail to repay the loan installments later, that snowball can end up bringing even greater headaches. 

Ideally, from the beginning, it is planning and checking if the installments can fit into your monthly budget. Of course unforeseen events can come at any time, hindering any attempt to program. As far as possible, the way is to minimize risks and damages.
Check out some tips from the experts:

Dirty name on the square


When you stop paying the loan installments, it is very likely that the bank or the financial institution will end up putting your name and your CPF in the databases of credit protection companies such as Serasa and SPC . If you could not prevent it from happening, the best way is to try to renegotiate the debt as quickly as possible so that your name gets clean again as soon as possible.

Renegotiate the debt

To make this renegotiation, talk to your manager. If possible, before you owe the first installments. According to experts, reporting your contingencies to the bank will not make the debt forgiven, but it shows good faith and you are willing to try to solve the problem in the best way possible. If the delay of the installment has already occurred, it is also worth the rule the sooner you renegotiate, the better, preventing interest rates from getting even higher.

Low on Score

If until getting the loan debt your Score was high, it is very likely that it will begin to fall quickly with the delay in the installments. In other words, you are no longer considered a good payer for the market and your CPF begins to present risks to banks and financial institutions. It also means that if you want to look for another bank to make a new loan, your chance will be almost remote.
Learn how to check your credit score .

Offer some loan warranty

Offer some loanwarranty

If all this happens and only your bank can really help you, one way out would be to present a good as collateral. That is, if you have a vehicle or a property that could present on a refinance, this greatly resolves your situation. But remember: it is only advisable to offer as collateral a second car or property. If you have only one vehicle and live in the family’s only apartment, this alternative can not be considered, at the risk of losing everything and still being in debt.
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